Greetings to all my Bath neighbors! Since moving to this extraordinary city in 2014, I've felt compelled to work closely with our local government and business partners as we continue to shape the future of our cool little city! I am honored to serve on your council, and it's my privilege to partner with each Bath citizen by actively listening to your concerns, and being your voice to administrate change. 







"My platform is people, that is my sole agenda. Listening, and taking action to help lighten the burden of another is my commitment to every citizen of Bath." 

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I'm Julie, and I am proud to serve as one of your at-large city councilors!

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About Me

I'd love to tell you my story, what brought me to Bath, and why I'm running for re-election. 

My Highlights

Check out what  I'm most proud of accomplishing from my first term here in Bath.

My Committees

I consider myself lucky to have served on several committees. Check out what we've been up to!

Future Goals

Let's talk about the issues near and dear to my heart, issues important to Bath's future.

Let's Chat!

Do you have any questions or concerns?
I'd love to hear from you. 

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