Bath Community Forestry Committee


Approved the build-out of new Harlequin Trail at Butler Head Preserve


Currently in the planning phase of including a new ADA certified trail at Butler Head Preserve


Approved the construction of the committee's new Forestry Shed, which will be a focal point of future educational workshops, and serve as the site for an arboretum as well


Helped coordinate and host multiple tree and plant sales over the past several years: Mother’s Day, Bright Lights Bath night in December, and on the inaugural Forestry Shed dedication day


Participated in the review process of updating the City’s forestry management plan at Butler Head Preserve in 2019



Community Development Committee


I am new to this committee, and with COVID-19 having hit our community hard this year, I am ready to work with this team to help bring stability and representation to the needs of our residents and property owners impacted during this pandemic 



Finance Committee


Reviewed our City’s capital account performance and overall financials with our advisory team at HM Payson on a quarterly basis since 2018



Climate Action Committee


Excited to be a part of this new committee as our efforts will complement the current projects we already have in motion to become a more carbon-neutral, and greener City overall



Tsugaru Committee


I am new to this committee but am part of a bright team that is promoting the Bath/Tsugaru Student Exchange program with local Morse students between now and 2021.


I was slated to travel to Tsugaru, Japan as the council representative for the summer 2020 exchange program, but the trip was postponed due to COVID

Patten Free Library Finance Committee

I jumped on this committee in 2020, and am excited to work with the Patten Free Library in executing a sound working budget for the next fiscal year to keep this beloved community asset open and thriving headed into 2021