My Why... 

What attracted me to Bath originally was its welcoming vibe that made even the most distant outsider feel like they belong. I fell in love with the City on the river, because it embodied what’s important to me in a home; a friendly and supportive community where immersing oneself in nature is easy because we have quick access to both land and sea.


I chose Bath as my forever home, because Bath is a growing community, both demographically and economically, and is also a community that embraces diversity and does not stand in the way of change, but rather welcomes it.


In 2020 we've faced a myriad of heavy challenges as a nation, and I believe Bath is a nimble City that stands ready to face change with a proactive approach. I am excited and honored to serve the City of Bath and it’s people, and to be facing the future with a strong, intelligent set of peers making sound, resourceful decisions for Bath as we navigate the remainder of this year and beyond. 

What should/can you do as a citizen of Bath in 2020?Continue to lean on your neighbor for support, give/volunteer however you can, settle differences and only reflect on the past to appreciate its defining moments and lessons, but shift your focus on the future of our “Cool Little City”!

My 2nd term goals...

Playing an integral role in the review and approval of our comprehensive plan to align Bath’s goals with where the world is headed on climate action initiatives, reduction of waste, and carbon neutrality, while marketing our City as a family-friendly community to attract more young families to live, work and play in Bath.


Collaborating with City departments for the initial buildout and construction of the Bath Riverwalk project where new businesses will open and thrive, park space will grow along with building out greenways to ensure our shorelines are resilient to sea-level rise due to climate change.