Voted to approve entering into solar contract with Maine Power Options, to build our own solar array in nearby Wiscasset/Woolwich, and provide solar-powered electricity to City facilities. This contract is one step towards becoming more carbon neutral as a City.


Approved the Economic Relief  Bridge Program with the onset of COVID, which offered a loan relief of $7,500 to local Bath businesses that applied with loan forgiveness provisions included. This program was an effort to help stabilize our local economy while business owners were impacted by the statewide mandated shutdown.


Approved to allow retail marijuana sales in the C4 zone of Bath which is located in the Shaw’s shopping center area, while simultaneously keeping our historic downtown district free of retail sales, as it would too closely overlap with the distance guidelines set in the state’s Adult Use and Medical Marijuana guidelines. This still allows for medical marijuana sales to continue seamlessly in the downtown district without interruption from retail competitors.


Reviewed and approved annual City budget over the past 3 fiscal years keeping our Cities property tax effect below a 1% increase for Bath homeowners; 2018/2019 + 0.75%, 2019/2020 -1.3%, and 2020/2021 +0.41%.